Questions & Answers

What is "Fro Bro Studio"?

The Fro Bro, which is me, Christopher Wilson, is an artist working out of his studio producing... art.

Who is Christopher Wilson?

A visual artist with an afro. E pluribus unum.

Why the site name change?

My name is commonplace. And is somewhat common due to my name.

What kind of art?

Well, I currently do these three things:

•Graphic Design



In spite of saying these three things, I do a lot of art and everything is relative to a point. Things involving art are interchangeable in my opinion.

Are you available for work?

Yes. Contact me with the form below. Serious inquiries only since spam calls/emails/etc. are bad for my health. I'll do my best to respond promptly.

Where is he located?

Currently based in Columbus, Ohio, USA

Sometimes though, I travel and one location I often go to is my hometown: Miami, Florida, USA


305 Til' I Die


Odd question, whats with the spotify playlist?

Music I listen to when working. Figured I share a playlist to the public and provide a glimpse into how I do my work.

For my resume, click on me above.

Thanks! Message sent.