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The Brew Crew

2021 - 2023

Digital Prints

Printed by the Columbus Printed Arts Co.

For Land-Grant Brewing Co. 7th Anniversary; I was commissioned to illustrate all current employees of the independent brewery in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Rather than do a sit-down portrait, I decided it was best to showcase their personalities at work by working on-site.

This is also a living wall in where as people come and go from Land-Grant, new people get portraits while those that go can take their portraits as a gift. (If they come back, they can also bring the portrait back or, get a new one if that helps!)

At the bottom of the page are time-lapsed drawings of select illustrations.

If you want to know about Land-Grant Brewing; feel free to click on the logo above. Otherwise, look down to see the "Brew Crew".

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